Egg Cited that includes Linda Candy by means of John Chalk



Opening her front door, hot redhead Linda Sweet finds a treat waiting for her, a huge chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil and a blue bow. Inside, she finds a note from her lover together with a beautiful black dress. She undresses, stepping out of her clothes and sliding down her panties to sit naked with her new dress pressed to her breasts. She slips into the sheer black pantyhose. They're crotchless and leave her unshaven pussy and pierced clitoris exposed. Then she climbs into the dress, pulling it up to cover her cute, pale titties. It feels good and makes her feel so sexy that she can't resist hitching it up over her hips and posing with her ass up and her naked pussy revealed between her spread thighs. Of course, she soon has to slide it off again and get naked, sending her lover a message on her phone.

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