Little Silk Get dressed that includes Elina by means of Alex Lynn



A slow motion camera introduces us to Elina as she writhes and grinds in her black basque and panties for Alex Lynn's Little Silk Dress. Elina teases her breasts from her top, tweaking and pinching her nipples to make them hard. Losing her basque, Elina rolls her panties down her thighs and plays with herself, standing in front of a full length mirror. Lying back on a stool, she parts her thighs, her shaved pussy coming alive in the mirror, as her hands roam across her body, stroking and pulling. Elina eyes the camera as she enjoys her body, then crawls onto her knees and pushes her ass up, spreading her knees and grasping at her buttocks. But wait, what's this? The little tease has stripped herself naked just to get dressed in a little silk dress again? Oh, but the dress can't hide her sweet, slim body for long. She raises the hem, her slim slit on show, and drop the straps better to toy with her nipples. The camera falls to her knees and looks up, her tasty pussy framed by her deep blue dress.

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