Luna Dance that includes Luna C via Slastyonoff



Leggy Brazilian babe Luna C sits on the sofa searching for her favorite tune on her phone. When the music starts she’s up on her feet and starts gyrating to the rhythm, shaking her ass and repeatedly tugging the front of her short sequinned dress up and down to flash her panties. Still moving she lowers the halter-neck top of her dress so that her beautiful breasts pop out and bob about to the beat. Letting the dress drop to the floor, she tugs on her panties until the song starts to fade out. As the music shifts into something more seductive her beautiful, coffee-colored body reacts accordingly, slowly undulating as she runs her hands along the entire length of it. Pulling off her panties she reveals that her pussy is shaven apart from a slim landing strip of hair. Luna starts dancing again, and as she struts the camera zooms in for close ups on her gorgeous pussy and ass.

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