Bare Salad that includes Araya Acosta by way of Charles Lightfoot



American cutie Araya Acosta proves that there’s something very erotic about beautiful babes preparing food topless – especially when their breasts are as perfect and perky as hers. Equally erotic is the way that the brown-eyed beauty slips the freshly prepared pepper into her full-lipped mouth. Once she’s eaten her salad, she looks alluringly at the camera, pulls up her long skirt and teasingly spreads her legs. Smiling she stands and removes the dress, before stroking her silky smooth thighs and sliding off her panties. With a flick of her long brown hair she sits back down, and spreads her legs more daringly than before to expose her perfect, shaved pussy. As the morning sun beams down on her gorgeous body, Araya climbs up onto the table, caresses herself all over and writhes, luxuriating in its soothing warmth.

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