The Turist that includes Lorena B by way of Luca Helios



Sexy Spanish senorita Lorena B looks all bright and bubbly in the opening titles, as she fools around in her apartment and goes through a series of outfit changes that give you a chance to check out her small but perfectly formed breasts, and neatly coiffured, hairy pussy. Her good mood continues on a tourist trip around town, before the slender, dark-haired beauty winds up in a minimalist apartment, wearing just a top and white lacy panties. She climbs onto a shiny table and does some stretches that accentuate the suppleness of her legs, before getting on all fours and showing off the delicious curves of her glorious bottom. Intent on exhibiting every aspect of her perfect body, she undulates it relentlessly, until she decides to take things further and strips slowly and sensually. Lorena smiles as she massages every inch of her silky skin, content in the knowledge that you love gazing upon her magnificence.

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