Il mio Dresser Episodio 2 che include Amelia Gin per mezzo di Alex Lynn



In the dressing room with gorgeous blonde Amelia Gin, sharing the space while she tries on different panties. Each pair look simply fabulous on her, but they look much better as they come off, Amelia's peachy little bottom and sexy slim slit revealed anew each time. She decides on a pair of white cotton briefs that expose all of her sweet cheeks, then adds a white silk slip. Unhappy with her top, Amelia slips out of it; her lovely breasts with delightful budding nipples reaching for the sky look much better without her clothes. Amelia agrees, taking everything off and enjoying her beautiful body, stroking her breasts. Wearing nothing but a pair of ankle socks, Amelia climbs on all fours in front of her full-length mirror and strokes her gorgeous ass, watching her sexy shaved pussy in the mirror as she writhes with sexual pleasure.


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