Juicy Second that includes Nika O via Koenart



Oranges are so juicy and sweet, but nowhere near as juicy and sweet as Nika O. The blonde cutie squeezes herself some fresh juice but our attention is drawn to her juicy little ass inside her skimpy panties, and her sexy titties with nipples bulging inside her T-shirt. She downs her drink in one, then decides it's time for yoga. Naked yoga. But Nika's idea of yoga seems to be stripping down to nothing and playing with her puffy nipples, running her hands over her thighs and ass, feeling herself becoming turned on with every indulgent touch. She moves to the tub and soaks her beautiful body in warm water, lathering her skin with plenty of suds, a beautiful sight, an erotic dream; how we long to be in the water with her, washing her thighs, soaking her skin, her soft, supple, glistening skin...

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