Sizzling Pool that includes Nicolina via Fabrice



In Fabrice's Hot Pool, nubile Nicolina takes a dip, her skimpy red bikini leaving little to the imagination. She rests on the edge, her slim legs hang over the side. The water is cold but Nicolina is hot. She slides the straps of her top off her shoulders, pulling the cups down off her small breasts and bending to splash water over her beautiful body. She slips off the side and into the water, peeling her briefs off to feel the cool waters tickle her pussy. The dramatic change in temperature soon has her nipples hard, and she climbs back out of the pool to sit with her legs open, splashing water over her chest and enjoying the way it runs down her smooth belly and onto her pussy lips. Her long lips, dark and moist, are in stark contrast to the fresh pink of her clit and hood. The water turns her on and soon her lips part as her lust heats up. Stepping back into the pool, the waters tease her slit open and she climbs inside an inflatable ring, her cute ass and wanton pussy held above the surface, aching to be touched.

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