Babe & Pear that includes Satin Stone via Alex Lynn



Picking through fruit in the kitchen, sexy Satin Stone chooses a pear for herself and bends over the counter to gaze out of the window. Her slender thighs are fully exposed beneath her short, lightweight skirt that reveals the curve of her ass. She runs the cool fruit over her chest, her nipples stiffening inside her thin top. The pale beauty slips one breast free, follows it with the other and traces her fingers down her cleavage. Her hands catch her nipples, and they stiffen as she slides her hands over them. Off comes her T-shirt and she turns around and bends down to lift her skirt over her peachy ass, panties snug between her cheeks. She climbs onto the counter and tugs off her ankle socks, knees up, panties visible between her thighs. She tugs her panties aside, baring her pussy topped with neatly trimmed pubic hair. On her knees, she peels her panties down, then jumps down and laughs as she splashes water from the tap over her sweet titties.

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