Trade Lab that includes Dakota A via Crimson Fox



Dakota A gets a surprise when she returns home with the wrong suitcase. The beautiful brunette has a case full of sexy underwear and sex toys. Unabashed, she decides to try some of them, slipping out of her soft wool sweater, her fabulous breasts and wide, dark nipples swing beautifully as she pulls on a black body stocking that clings to her fabulous figure and really shows off her pert buns. They feel good in her hands as she smooths her fingers over them and squeezes them gently. She snaps a few selfies in her new clothes, sucking on a popsicle. Her clothes make her feel sexy, her hands slide down her body to tweak her nipples and rub her sticky candy over them. Dakota's pussy lips peep out from her crotch, her fingers tracing along her inner thighs. But when she takes off her new-found underwear, her thick pussy lips are so sexy and pronounced as she bends over and spreads her ass cheeks wide, grinding as if she were in the grip of a lover.

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