Selfie that includes Lola Sublime through Slava Vals



Cute sexy Lola Chic has the camera to herself, snapping selfies in her glasses and casual white blouse. An idea strikes her when she points the camera down to her crotch and lifts her blouse a little to expose her panties. She puts the camera on its tripod and sits down, swinging left and right in her swivel chair. She takes off her glasses and chews on them a little, then lifts off her blouse. Her smile lights up her face as she exposes her naked breasts and beautiful, pale skin. Her fingers stroke her body, flitting over her nipples and making them stiff. She likes to play and tease, taking her time. Will she take her panties off? It's hard to say... She stands up and sits on the desk, thinking about her next move. Finally, she hooks two thumbs inside the elastic of her panties and pulls them to the ground. At last, she shares her naked pussy with us, shaved slit pink and slim between her creamy thighs.

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